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Dorothy Phoebe Ansle (1890-1983), who wrote under the pen names Hebe Elsna, Laura Conway, Lyndon Snow, and Vicky Lancaster, published some 200+ books between 1928 and 1982. See the full title list: I first ca
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Born into Edwardian England, Amory's first memory is of her father standing on his head. She has memories of him returning on leave during the First World War. But his absences, both actual and emotional, are what she chiefly remembers. It is her photograp
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This one is featured in the latest Publishers Weekly as a Most-Read Reviews pick. Memphis, 1939. Twelve-year-old Rill Foss and her four younger siblings live a magical life aboard their family’s Mississippi River shantyboat. But when their father must rus
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My book club read this one for our most recent meeting--and I really enjoyed it! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this book delivered a fantastic story with humor and plenty of obscure historical details. I'd never heard of WASPs before reading it--f
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SPIES OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN is the true story of legendary British safecracker and spy Eddie Chapman, the British Double Cross Spy System, and Norwegian female Resistance operatives Dagmar Lahlum and Annemarie Breien. Known as Agent Zigzag, the most remarkab
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Bringing sixteenth-century Languedoc vividly to life, Kate Mosse's The Burning Chambers is a gripping story of love and betrayal, mysteries and secrets; of war and adventure, conspiracies and divided loyalties . . . Carcassonne 1562: Nineteen-year-old Mino
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In Victorian England, flower seller Constance Piper goes searching for the truth behind a new rash of murders in London’s East End . . . In November 1888, the specter of Jack the Ripper instills fear in every woman who makes her living on the streets of Lo
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North London, November 1913. The storm clouds of war gather overhead, while one brave girl fights to save her family . . . After her mother dies, Livvie Bone knows it's down to her to support her family and protect her younger siblings from their drunken
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In a narrative as mysterious as memory itself - at once both shadowed and luminous - Warlight is a vivid, thrilling novel of violence and love, intrigue and desire. It is 1945, and London is still reeling from the Blitz and years of war. 14-year-old Nathan
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Oceania 1879. A family of settlers from New Zealand are the sole inhabitants of a remote volcanic island. For two years they have struggled with the harsh reality of trying to make this unforgiving place a paradise they can call their own. At last, a ship
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